Why a Fishing Stage in Sweden? 


After a long and significant fishing experience in many Countries around the world and the long-lived one in Sweden, started in 1999, I can say that this Country is absolutely a “target” for any sport fisherman.

Some features like :

  • quantity and quality of the waters
  • quantity and quality of the various of fishes (Trout – Grayling – Char – White Fish – Pike – Perch – Sea Trout – Salmon – Ido)
  • the amazing beauty of the territories
  • the wide spaces, the intense lights and the deep silence
  • the midnight sun fenomena

makes Sweden the destination for a unique and unforgettable journey for fishermen and companions!

Some Representative Data

The surface is one and a half time bigger then Italy, with an incredible presence of waters represented by over 100,000 lakes and a hardly quantifiable number of small, medium and large rivers.

The waters, at the contrary of the similar Countries rich of forests, are mostly clear.

Moreover we must consider the costs of the Baltic sea (1000 km) where, the water is salt free and populated by freshwater fishes.

Trouts, Grayling, Char, Pike Perch, White Fish, Ido, Salmon and Sea Trout.

All of them are wild and the population can be considered in terms of quantity and quality, absolutely over the media of any other European water.

The relationship between quantity of water and fishermen is practically not – existent! 

The most of the waters in our location and the very famous ones, are of course frequented and in particular during the night time as per Midnight Sun fenomena.

Our strategy, since many years of guiding, is to prefer the day light fishing (10-19), time when we can catch the undisturbed big ones in a spectacular wild nature.

The structure of the rivers and their size, together with the presence of natural fish, require from fishermen technical skills to reach the success.

This makes fishing more sporty and exciting!

Many use expressions such as “Breathtaking Landscapes”, probably because of particular natural effects, like:

  • large extension of forest
  • thousands of lakes and countless rivers
  • types of animals like Reindeer, Moose, Squirrel, Badger, Bear, Fox, Lynx and more)
  • types of birds and raptors like  Owl, Great Grey Owl, Canadian Goose,  Partridge, Ceder, and more)
  • absence of traffic
  • the summer Midnight Sun fenomena
  • the clarity and purity of the air
  • the deep silence
  • i grandi silenzi

certainly are elements that make this country fascinating!


Beauty of surraundings and quality of the waters

A typical and welcoming Lodge

Exper guides

A professional training center

Access to specialised equipment

AFCS SWEDEN offer this and more you will appreciate with the support of

Piero Letizia and Federico Ferretti