Activities alternative to fishing

For Guests they don’t like fishing we have worked out on a suitable alternative plan of action. Some examples as following.
Nordic Walking

For many reasons and also by the name is the sport to be practised in this fantastic Region!  The great silences, the breathtaking scenery, the fantastic lights of the midnight sun will make long walks, unforgettable dreams!

Kayaking Ottsjön Lake

At your disposal a big three seats canoe and two technical sit on top kayaks to enjoy trips or fishing.


Four Mountine Bike to run through the nearby forests, along the lakes and the desert roads all around.

Riding - Courses and/or Guiding

Gunilla, a riding instructor managing the nearby Farm, would be pleased to teach or guide you riding her beautiful Icelandic Horses through the amazing surroundings of the Swedish nature.

Guided Tour at the Moose Farm in Orrviken

Even though is not so difficult to meet this amazing animal driving the roads, it will be interesting to visit the Moose Farm. A guided tour to take picture and know more about them. The place is located 80 km far from the Lodge and to reach it you can use our Courtesy Car.

Trips by Car

Using our Courtesy Car you can visit the many places, cities and resorts like the attractive City of Östersund and the famous Sky Resort of Åre


I’m not a professional in this sport but i can help the Guests who would like to try to hit the mark!

Guided Tour to Skärvångens Cheese Farm

At 30 km from our Lodge an occasion to visit and important Scandinavian Cheese Farm. A guided Tour will introduce you to the cheese making precesses and after you can taste, with a reasonable price, the different types based on cows and goats milk.

Photographic Workshop

Given the beauty of the Country  and its unspoiled nature, characterized by a wide range of colors and lights within a great variety of animals,  you can enjoy the art of Photography! Soon we’ll be able offer dedicated weeks focused on Photographic Workshop.

Mushrooms and berries

Thanks to the large forests is possible to find everywhere many types of mushrooms and berries including a special Scandinavian type named Hjortron , a real deliciousness to taste!