The Region

Jämtland is one of the most attractive Region of Sweden located at the beginning of Lapland, neighbouring with Norway. A real jewel characterised by a reach flora and fauna kissing the wild and impressive beautiful environments. The population is about 127,000 people, of which about 60,000 are in the cute city of Östersund. Not far the important Skying Resort of Åre. The Sámi culture, with its history and traditions has strongly influenced the region. In Jämtland-Härjedalen there are a total of 12 Sámi villages and around 44,000 reindeer. There is also a large number of interesting culinary products: renowned breweries, producers of tasty cheeses, important bakeries and of course charming restaurants. It’s no wonder that Östersund – also thanks to the richness of the culinary traditions of its surroundings – has been nominated by UNESCO as one of the world’s creative cities for gastronomy. The highest mountain is Helags, which has the southernmost glacier of Sweden and is 1,797 meters above sea level. Sonfjället in Härjedalen is the national park, but there are also 50 other nature reserves in the region. Lake Storsjön, in the middle of the Jämtland-Härjedalen, is Sweden’s fifth largest lake with an area of ​​456 km2. Storsjöodjuret (the monster of Storsjö) is said to live in Lake Storsjön. Its presence was mentioned for the first time in a legend of 1635 and today more than 200 reports of sighting of the monster by around 500 people have been collected.