The Spin Fishing is mainly dedicated to catch pike and perch, it is allowed during the all year around.

Even though any period can be considered good from April/May (end of melting) to November (start of freezing) we suggest as top, especially for the big ones, the first two months after the meting.

Later in the season you’ll fish and more possibilities to catch on surface you get!

Size average never goes under cm. 80/90 and many are over 100 cm and daily catches is absolutely over of the European standards.  Just to give you some recent statistic:  2 fishermen – 6 days fishing from the boat – number of caught 520 Pike and 180 Perch (all released, of course)

To give the group (max. 2 fishermen per boat) the best service and full time fishing we take care of the guiding and the managing of the boats.
For those who will ask for Spin Fishing for Trout and Grayling, we'll practice mainly rivers and streams without the use of a boat. In this case the best periods to consider will be the same as suggested for Fly-Fishing.

One week Spinning Stage – Price Season 2023

2 fishermen group

1500per person

4 fishermen group

1500per person

Single fisherman

  • Partner who doesn’t fish: one couple €1000/partner; two couples €800/partner
  • Kids: up to 14 years old €600

Number of Attendants allowed

To provide a quality service, the spin group can't exceed the number of 2 per boat

Boating Service from the Organisation

We take care of guiding and driving the boat so you can:
  • be safety driven – we know where are the hided stone under the surface of lakes
  • be comfortable – we drive and point you spots and you focus on fishing

Prices Including:

  • Pick-Up and return from to Lodge to the nearest Airport (Ostersund – OSD) 
  • Board – Breakfast and dinner (Italian cooking) at the lodge, packed lunch on the river. Alcoholic drinks (Italian wine and Spirits), even though not included, with pleasure will be offered in consideration of our provisions!
  • Lodging – AFCS villa or other nearby cottages in case of big groups 
  • Guiding service
  • Gasoline for boating
  • Equipment provided by the organisation – Wading Sticks – Float Tubes – Fly Tying material – Boat for pike fishing – Personal & FF Equipment in case of loss from the Carriers or damages
  • Courtesy car available for customers not interested in fishing (gasoline not included)

Prices doesn’t include:

  • Fishing Licences (Medium price 8-10 € per 24 hours – Many Waters are for free)
  • Alcoholic drinks (see above note)
  • Gasoline for the courtesy car
  • Gasoline for trips exceeding 40 km from the Lodge


AFCS Fishing Lodge – Info Book 

General Information

After we agreed the dates of the fishing week you have to confirm the trip from your location to Ostersund Airport (place of pick-up) or to our Lodge.

Right after, you will receive from us the Reservation Form that you are kindly requested to fill-in and return.

Payments method are specified in the Reservation Form and regulated as follows:

  • 30%  of the total amount/fisherman at the contract
  • 70%  of the total amount/fisherman at the contract

o have the confirmation of your reservation at our Lodge , you are kindly requested to fill in the specific form you will receive after the request of your booking.

Before to send it back you need to confirm the travel booking completed Per la conferma della prenotazione va riempito l’apposito modulo contenente il dettaglio dell’iscrizione e che vi spediremo appena concordata la settimana. A titolo esemplificativo per prenotare lo stage scelto dovrà essere effettuato un pagamento pari al 30% della quota prevista ed il saldo dovrà poi essere effettuato entro e non oltre i 20 giorni prima della data d’inizio stage. Dettaglio del regolamento all’interno del modulo d’iscrizione.

As we have a strong experience in traveling systems and solutions, in particular with reference to the Swedish market, we will support the groups to find the best solution to reach our Lodge.

In case of Health Care Assistance is better to have the personal European Health Care Card.

Inside the Lodge is not allowed:

  • smoking
  • using shoes

Wading Stick for fishing and Repellents for mosquitos has to be considered essential. Except personal needs we will provide them to you.

Informazioni dettagliate

Swedish summer can be compared to that of our Alpine arch environments, where it is hot during the morning and cool in the evening.

Very important is the choice of technical materials that allow the transpiration among which are reported: transtex – supplex – fleece – capilene – goretex and similar.

The dressing should be done as called out on the street “layered like onion”. That’s to say, depending on the conditions of cold and heat, more or less layers to be added or removed.

However, we have prepared a referring chart containing information about quality and quantity of items suitable to cover every eventuality!

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