The Waters

Just in our Region, Jämtland-Härjedalen, there are more then 17.000 lakes and 2.800 km of Rivers.  The quality of the water allows the natural reproduction of all species of fish, roughly estimated at 3000 tons per year.

Without any doubt, Sweden can be considered the Country with the highest concentration of fish in Europe.  Moreover the dimension of the Rivers, often characterised by the many lakes along their way, allows the easy growing of the fish as you have the chance to have great records.

Furthermore the specific location we have chosen for our Lodge is for sure one of the very best, consider that tho road from the Airport to us is called “Fiskevagen” that means “the Way of Fishing”!

Currently in River Hårkan has been registered a Catch Record for:  Grayling cm.73  – Trout 13,5 kg.

Coming back to the quality of the waters consider that is common to drink it, that’s why local fishermen have attached at their belt the traditional wooden crafted cup, the “KÅSA” o “KUKSA”.

Below a list of premium waters, we have selected in many years of fishing and professional activities. Absolutely, to try at least once in your life!


Between the many we introduce you the “BIG SIX”: Hårkan – Lövjöströmmen –  Edsforsen – Långan – Ammerån – Kvisslestrommen

Streams and Lakes


Considering the importance of the big rivers which are the target for the fishing vacation, often, to go fishing small streams flowing on valley floors or mountains around is a great alternative.


  • small mountain lakes – mainly populated by Trout and Char like the closest and marvelous  Siksjön Lake.
  • medium big lakes – mainly populated by Pike, Perch and White Fish are every where and we can consider at least 10 targets really close to the Lodge. One is just in front!