Considering the numbers of the Swedish Lakes and the evaluation of the ones in Jamtland, it’s evident the quantity around the location we have chosen.

Just as an example the Ottsjön Lake is in front of our Lodge and it gives you exciting fishing for the common catch like Pike, Perch, Trout and white Fish.

Many others at very few kilometres, quite wide with dozens of great spots for different fishing.  Among the many we mention Goxsjön, Hammerdal, Föllinge , Ströms Vattudal, Laxjö, Hötagen, Volsjön.

When we fish Lakes often you find connecting channel between one to another, where fishing in amazing wild scenarios. One of these fascinating ones is in Hammerdal.

Talking about Pikes and Perch, the fishing is always great, many fish per day of considerable size!